The Most Popular MMORPG Games of All Time

The world loves having fun: whether it’s by watching TV or by playing video games – the result is the same: entertainment is inevitable. With video games, we are especially fond of them because they are works of art. They can transfer us into another reality where we can live another life, one away from strife and tough choices (unless we are playing the Witcher series), while – if we’re popular enough – our viewers hype us up and bet on our win, for example in the way CS enthusiasts do after reading the review.

Some video games can be so immersive that people pour in years into them, building their characters until they become the best version that they could have ever been, Then, they build another character and so on and so forth. Massively multiplayer online role-playing games have been a trend for a while now. Here are the world’s most popular MMORPGs.

World of Warcraft

Ever since its release in 2004, WoW has been dominating the market. It is the world’s most popular MMO and is played every single day by a lot of people. The game is popular for multiple reasons, but the main ones are the fact that it has plenty of content and a massive world to explore, with multiple races and ways of building your character. You can get lost in the world of WoW very easily. People have spent years making their characters and earning the equipment they now wear with pride. People have even comitted suicide over the game (which is not its brightest spot, but also not the game’s fault). It is to this day the most popular MMO and it most likely will be, unless something better and more approachable is released (which isn’t impossible).

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Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars games… They are usually flops, unless their names are Knights of the Old Republic of Episode I: Racer. Then, there is The Old Republic. It is a Star Wars game that you have always wanted to play. And it is a MMO, to add to the effect of it being a great game. It has plenty of expansions which makes it one a game that keeps on giving. Unlike other games of its genre, The Old Republic still remains fresh to this day. It is often called the best Star Wars game, because it was great at launch in 2011 and it remains great to this day.

The Elder Scrolls: Online

Some people prefer WoW, others The Elder Scrolls. What the two games have in common is a very rich lore and plenty of games which predated them. The Elder Scrolls were made famous by Morrowind, Oblivion and of course, Skyrim. Purists will cite Arena and Daggerfall as great games, as well, but the 3D ones made TES amazing and famous. The Online version is amazing in its own right, allowing you to play all over Tamriel. With expansions being released regularly, you can enhance the world and add new locations to explore. You can purchase the game to play it, or use the Gold subscription method to get all the goodies, for a monthly sum, of course. Either way, it remains as one of the best MMOs that you can play today.

These are but some of the world’s most popular MMOs. Titles like Runescape, Guild Wars 2, Tera, Final Fantasy XIV, Lord of the Rings Online, Albion Online, Star Trek Online and more, are definitely worth a mention. If an immersive experience is what you were after, these games should provide you with enough content to last a while.

Author: TechCrew